Des hommes et des dieux is on show at the Watershed in Bristol until the middle of next week. The film was made by Xavier Beauvois last year in France and has had more than 2 million spectators ( un véritable tabac!)  as many as Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis ( a French comedy) or Avatar!
The film tells the story of French monks ( des moines )who used to live in the monastery ( le monastère) of Tébéhirine, 90 kms South of Algers in the Atlas mountains. They lived peacefully off their land and helped the local population with medical problems.
On the night of 26th March 1996,  seven of them were kidnapped. Some negotiations took place with the French authorities but they did not seem to lead anywhere. Two months later the hijackers slit the monks’ throats open, their funeral took place in Algers and they were buried at the monastery.
If you are a student currently taking French tuition at Alliance Française de Bristol or Bath, you can get  a discount to see the film: ask your French tutor for details.
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