Students learning French with us in Bristol have been playing the dictionary game (le jeu du dictionnaire). It is a bluffing game: the game master decides on an unusual French word which will probably unknown to all the players. For example, Audrey, one of our qualified French tutors, gave her students the following word: Pythonisse.

All participants then had to write down what they thought the word meant, in a format which might be found in a dictionary. Here are the entries, can you guess which is the right one? Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answer.

Pythonisse: longue écharpe pour envelopper le cou.

Pythonisse: dresseuse de serpent.

Pythonisse: prophétesse, personne qui prédit l’avenir.

Pythonisse: personne qui ment constamment.

Pythonisse: mot du sud de la France qui désigne une sorte de rhume.

Pythonisse: personne qui adore les émissions de John Cleese et compagnie.

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Résponse: Pythonisse: prophétesse, personne qui prédit l’avenir.