Dazzling  Dior – Dior Eblouissant

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, located next to the famous Louvre, is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the creation of the House of Dior with an exhibition (expo) of Christian Dior nicknamed (surnommé) the designer who makes dreams come true (le couturier du rêve). Indeed, a dream come true exhibition for anyone interested in the world of art and fashion (le monde de l’art et de la mode).  But, no need to wait in the queue, follow me, I’ll be your guide.

At first, get introduced to the man – who he was and how he gained his fame (la renommée) as a designer ( le créateur) from 1946 onward.

The first dress (robe) on display (exposée) is bright red  and is typical of Dior’s New Look, a term coined by the time editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar that made Dior’s first collection world famous (célèbre mondialement).

This garment (vêtement) is directly inspired from the ‘Bar’ suit (un tailleur) – the silhouette was characterised by a small, nipped-in waist (taille prise) and a full skirt (une jupe ample) falling below mid-calf length, which emphasised the bust  and hips (mettant en valeur la poitrine et les hanches).



The first part of the expo was dedicated (dediée) to classic style outfits (des tenues) worn by the rich and famous of the time (de l’époque). Then, came the miniature dresses in doll size- each of them representing a model of dress that was created in real life. They were ordered according to colour scheme (rangée en ordre de coloris) and flanked (entourées) by accessories beautifully crafted  feathers hats (des chapeaux à plumes), shoes with all sorts of heel (talons) sizes and shapes  , hand bags (sacs à main), you name it. Then came a gallery of alcoves bathed in white light with mock patterns (des patrons) as if each represented Greek statues striking a pose. From white to black, you step into a gallery of mirrors gradually lighting up by neon lights reflecting a collection of elegant dresses in red, white or black. And for the finale, from dark to light, a cascade of gold, shimmering fabrics (tissus) and party dresses (robes de gala) on a backdrop of a sound and light show (spectacle de son et lumières) with falling stars (des étoiles filantes) and moonlight (le clair de lune). What an enchanting (féerique) display! I was spellbound (captivée) and left the exhibition filled with wonder expecting to leave a trail of stardust (une trainée de poussière d’etoiles) in my footsteps. Don’t miss it if you’re in Paris. You have until the 7th of January to step into Dior’s world.

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