Are you a confident cook (un cuisinier averti) or more of a beans on toast kind of person (no French translation available for beans on toast!)?

Iza, who runs our cooking workshops in French, has shared with us a few French cooking tips ahead of her next workshop on Saturday 4th March:

  1. Gardez vos œufs en dehors du réfrigérateur –  keep your eggs outside the fridge! And if you like poached eggs (les œufs pochés), add a little white vinegar (un peu de vinaigre – from the French vin aigre, bitter wine – blanc)
  2. Coupez vos oignons en deux avant de les peler – cut your onions in two before peeling them. It’s much easier – c’est bien plus facile!
  3. Écrasez l’ail avec la lame de couteau –  crush garlic with the flat side of a knife, and don’t bother to peel it first, the skin will come off!
  4. Ne quittez pas votre caramel des yeux –  don’t take your eyes of caramel while you are making it, or it will go wrong!
  5. Utilisez deux jaunes d’œufs pour faire la mayonnaise au lieu d’un – use two egg yolks instead of one to make mayonnaise. And don’t be shy on the Dijon mustard!

Merci Iza for this useful advice, and if you fancy our next theme, Cuisine paysanne workshop, contact us before all the spaces go!