Have you been coming to our own French drama shows over the last few years? If not, you might have missed the time Gérard Depardieu was tried ( a été traduit devant un tribunal) to see whether he could remain French,

or the time Antoine and Cléopâtre disclosed ( ont exposé) their marital problems to the public!
We have had celebrities such as Géneral de Gaulle talking to us about his love of cheese ( son amour du fromage), or Marie Curie sharing her recipe ( qui a partagé sa recette)  for radioactive jelly (please don’t try this at home).

More recently, Johnny Hallyday gave a great-if short-performance and Edith Piaf rose from her ashes ( est renée de ses cendres). Hercule Poirot and Sherlock had an argument about bribes ( se sont disputés au sujet des pots-de- vin), and inspecteur Gadget saved the day ( a sauvé la situation).

It is always fun for our students to let their creative juices flow in French, and a great way to practise the language.

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You can also watch a  whole lot of videos of the French drama shows on the Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath Youtube page, for more info…