On Tuesday, 22nd September at 6.30pm, with Isa, French tutor and chef, for more info…
Isa has been running these French workshops for several years and they are always very popular.

She does not just show you how to cook a dish but you prepare it yourself under her supervision and guidance. The big plus is that she gives you little tricks so that this sauce or this mayonnaise which always goes wrong when you prepare it at home will never be a problem again! Here is a trick ( une astuce) for today:

L’astuce d’Isa: Comment rattraper un plat en sauce trop salé
Pas de panique, c’est bête comme chou. Éplucher une pomme de terre et l’ ajouter entière au plat en cours de cuisson. La laisser mijoter dans la sauce jusqu’à complète cuisson, puis la retirer. La pomme de terre devrait avoir absorbé le surplus de sel. Et voilà, vous avez sauvé votre honneur de cuisinier/cuisinière .

Isa uses the expression: c’est bête comme chou, it means easy peasy but un chou is a cabbage……

There are quite a few expressions with a word referring to food when the meaning has no relation to the word, like:
Etre bonne pomme: to be naive, une pomme is an apple
Raconter des salades: to tell tales
Faire le poireau: to wait ages for someone, un poireau is a leak
Avoir la pêche: to be in a really good mood, une pêche is a peach
Travailler pour des prunes: to work for no result, une prune is a plum
Avoir un cœur d’artichaut: to fall in love really easily, un artichaut is an artichoke

And lots more that you can discover as well as learning basic/ intermediate French or reading novels in our French classes if you join our French lessons starting soon in Bath and in Bristol. For more info…