The riders (les cyclistes) were raising money (récolter de l’argent) for PROPS, a Bristol based charity for young people with special needs.

The route took them through St Malo, a walled port city in Brittany (Bretagne):


Onto Nantes and La Rochelle, and then of course  Bordeaux:


And it’s not for the faint hearted: at least 300 miles, and the recommended training (l’entraînement) starts 20 weeks before!

If you decide to ride your bike this summer (faire du vélo), don’t forget your helmet (le casque), your bike lock (l’antivol) and your puncture kit (kit de crevaison). And of course, if you are in France, don’t forget to ride on the right (rouler à droite)!

Once you are back, why not come and share your stories in French by joining one of our groups?

 Click here for more information about Bristol to Bordeaux Bike Ride.