Last week’s workshop got booked up very quickly so, as more people wanted to join, Isabelle, our French teacher and chef, accepted to run another one this coming Tuesday. This one is full too.
More info… to join a French cookery class this Summer.
Last week, I gave you some nouns related to cooking, this week, here are some verbs so that you can read a French recipe and understand it:

Préchauffer le four: wam up the oven
Disposer la pâte dans un moule: put the pastry in a tin
Laver et éplucher les légumes: wash and peel the vegetables
Couper les légumes: chop the vegetables

Faire chauffer l’huile/ le beurre: heat up the oil/ the butter
Laisser cuire: cook
Saler et poivrer: add salt and pepper
Mélanger: mix
Remuer: stir
Verser: pour
Mettre au four: put in the oven
Faire cuire pendant 30 minutes: cook for 30 minutes
Sortir du four: take out of the oven

The above would be useful to make a quiche for instance but you could find them in a variety of recipes, so have a look on the Internet and see what you could prepare for tomorrow night…… Good luck and enjoy!!!