It will be the last showing before the Summer. The film is called Une place sur la terre ( A place on earth) with Benoît Poelvoorde, Ariane Labed and Max Baissette de Malglaive.
Antoine is a disillusioned photographer ( un photographe désabusé) whose only friend is Matéo, the young son of the neighbour who is often away. He tries to educate him in a rather fanciful way ( d’une manière plutôt fantaisiste). One day Antoine can hear a piano playing from across the road ( de l’autre côté de la rue). He does not know yet that Elena, an idealist young student ( une jeune étudiante idéaliste) is playing it, she will transform his life ( elle lui bouleversera sa vie) and will help him to find his place on the earth ( et elle l’aidera à trouver sa place sur la terre)…..

More info to see this film… at Alliance Française de Bath.

Don’t forget that the French intensive courses in Bristol will start in June, watch this space for the enrolment date in May, for more info…