When the French duo, Jac&Co, came to Alliance Française de Bristol, as well as their own compositions, they played and sang some songs from Edith Piaf’s repertoire as well as Charles Aznavour’s and Bernard Lavilliers’. We studied in class, beforehand, the beautiful and moving song by Bernard Lavilliers, Les mains d’or ( Hands of gold) which tells the story of a steel factory worker who becomes unemployed when the steel factory shuts down. It is a very poetic song with evocative images which triggered the creativity of several students in Martine’s French classes.
Anne used some of the words in the song to create her own poem, here it is:

Le Vent
Le vent
traverse les montagnes,
fait grincer les dents.

Glacial et aigre,
le vent pénètre les os,
les rend engourdis.

Il hurle,
il fait rage et siffle
contre tout dans sa course.

Pas de brise ou vents alizé,
ni bourrasque ni souffle de vent
C’est une tempête.

La tempête terrifie les animaux
ils se serrent les uns contre les autres,
les fils électriques se cassent net.

Puis, le vent s’affaiblit,
devient moins un forcing,
presque doux et caressant.

La tranquillité
prend  possession,
Le calme descend.

If you would like to listen to the song, here it is on YouTube: les mains d’or
If you would like to listen to some of Jac&Co’ s repertoire, follow this link.
Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath are stopping their French lessons over Christmas but you can still contact them to start French in the new year: for more info…