Here is a key to the phrases you could hear on the radio or read on the Internet this weekend, which may have puzzled you:
Le chassé-croisé des vacanciers: the flow of departing and returning holidaymakers
Embouteillages ce samedi: traffic jams this Saturday
Un pic de 731km de bouchons: a peak of 731km ( around 500 miles) of traffic jams
Bison Futé a classé cette journée “rouge” dans le sens des départs et “orange” dans le sens des retours.
What is Bison Futé? It is the TV and radio French traffic information service symbolized by a little Native American.
So the traffic information service is saying that the traffic heading for holidays is going to be very heavy and is therefore red whereas the traffic for people coming back home is slightly less congested so is classified as orange.
Il va falloir s’armer de patience: Patience will be required.
It is interesting to see that we use militaty language in French with the verb s’armer, like in a battle!
Les automobilistes roulaient pare-choc contre pare-choc: drivers were bumpers to bumpers.
Here is what it looked like:

I hope you were not caught in them!
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