If you’re going to France this summer, you will undoubtedly be offered apéritif. Also shortened to apéro, it’s a drink (or series of drinks!) taken before a meal. Different ones are found in different regions. In the south of France you will be offered:

  • Pastis (an aniseed transparent alcoholic drink which turns opaque when mixed with water) Sometimes it is referred to with the brand name: 51, Ricard, Pernod…
  • Muscat (a sweet wine, the colour of amber)
  • Panaché (shandy)
For children or if you fancy a non alcoholic beverage:
  • Sirop de menthe (mint cordial, very refreshing, bright green)
  • Sirop de grenadine (pomegranate cordial, bright red)
  • Diabolo (this is made with cordial, usually one of the two above, but lemonade is used instead of water)
  • Orangina 
Next week we’ll talk about the fancy nibbles you might have with them!
What is your preferred apéritif drink? Leave a comment to tell us!
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