Alliance Française de Bath is having its first bookclub ( club de lecture) on Thursday, 6th February at 2pm. For more info about the venue…
The book discussed is Raboliot by Maurice Genevoix. Maurice Genevoix wrote the book in 1925 when it received Le prix Goncourt ( prestigeous French prize for literature).
Raboliot is a woodcutter ( un bûcheron) and also a poacher ( un braconnier) who lives in La Sologne, a wooded area near the Loire, famous for its game ( son gibier). It is a story about hatred ( la haine) and revenge ( la vengeance) with the countryside and the wild life as background.
A film was made in 1945.

Alliance Française de Bristol is presenting its show if sketches and games on Tuesday, 4th February at 8.30pm. For more info about the venue…

This time, the actors with the expert help and guidance of Audrey, their French tutor, are going to take their audience ( leurs spectateurs) to the Cannes Festival ( le festival de Cannes) with several film extracts ( des extraits de films) imagined by the actors ( les acteurs). And you are going to decide who receives La palme d’or, the ultimate prize of the Cannes festival.
The entrance fee is only £2 and you are guaranteed an evening of entertainment and laughters.

The above photo is from the previous show.
If you would like to see some of the videos: