Alliance Française de Bath is showing its first film for 2014 next Friday and it is called, The Rabbi’s cat.
It is an animation film by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux with the voices of François Morel as the cat, Maurice Bénichou as the rabbi and Hafsia Herzi, his daughter.
We’re in Algiers ( Alger) in the 20ies ( dans les années 20). Rabbi Sfar lives with his daughter ( sa fille), a parrot ( un perroquet) and a cheeky cat ( un chat espiègle)  which swallows up ( qui dévore) the parrot and starts talking…… ( et commence à parler)
The cineclub is for students studying French at Alliance Française de Bath but also for everyone interested in the French language and French culture. There are subtitles in English ( des sous-titres en anglais).

 And here is the link to the trailer ( la bande annonce):

It is going to be fun, for more info….