The workshop, this time, is on les vins du Languedoc Roussillon and will be presented by Lionel, specialist on French wines and ex- French teacher. Here are the wines which will be tasted next Thursday:

–    Vin de Table « Bu N’Daw » 2010 Domaine la Grange de Quatre Sous                       
–    Coteaux-du-Languedoc « Ares blanc » 2010 Domaine Le Conte des Floris             
–    IGP Pays d’Oc « Ex-Arena » 2010 Domaine de Cébène                                                  
–    Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes rouge 2007 Clos du Rouge Gorge  
These workshops are very popular and this one got booked up very quickly so Alliance Française de Bristol is offering the same workshop on April 18th. For more info…

As drink and food go together, I can’t resist  a few words on horse meat ( la viande de cheval), I must say quite a few of our students have eaten some when in France. It was eaten quite a lot when I was a child and young adult, we used to buy it from the horse meat butcher ( la boucherie chevaline) on a Monday ( le lundi) as the other butchers were shut. It is very lean ( tendre) and tasty ( goûteux). I heard on France Inter that there are only ten boucheries chevalines left in Paris and one is in le treizième arrondissement, Place Jeanne d’Arc. If you are in Paris, go and have a look!
This morning Europe 1 mentioned a song on beef meat  which is very funny: it is a parody of La valse à mille temps by Jacques Brel. Jean Poiret ( famous actor in La cage aux folles, one of his numerous films) wrote La vache à mille francs. It takes you on a long itinerary through France before you can buy the meat. Now the meat goes all over Europe, Jean Poiret must have been a bit of a visionary!
Here is the link on Youtube, have fun…

You can find out much more about France by joining us on one of our French courses. For more info…