Martine, French teacher at Alliance Française de Bristol, worked on holiday vocabulary. Her students chose  one word from the vocabulary, they then had to think of adjectives and verbs related to the chosen word, associating ideas they ended up with a different topic from the one they had started with:
Jeux de mots:
La glace
sucrée, froide
lécher, savourer, refléter
verre, cornet, enfant, boule
jouer, lancer, gagner
sablonneuse, brillante
Les plaisirs de la nature:
Le jardin
fleuri, éblouissant
semer, soigner, cueillir
clôture, pelouse, arbuste, rosier
cultiver, tailler, sentir
ouvert, sauvage
le pré
Trouvez le sous-texte:
Maillot de bain
joli, rayé
se baigner, se détendre, se bronzer
short, bikini, serviette, piscine
nager, se noyer, plonger
molletonneuse, colorée
combinaison de ski
So Martine’s students started with images of Summer and finished, thinking of the skiing season, fast approaching!
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