Alliance Française de Bath is starting its new cinéclub season with L’heure Zéro adapted by Pascal Thomas from the novel by Agatha Christie called Towards Zero.
Guillaume Neuville has had the brilliant idea to invite his ex-wife ( son ex-femme) and his new wife ( sa nouvelle femme) to spend a few days at his rich aunt’ s in Brittany! He would like them to become friends ( devenir des amies), there is a murder ( un crime ) and an enquiry (une enquête) …… needless to say much more!
If you would like to find out who the murderer ( le meurtrier ou l’assassin) is, what is his/her mobile (son mobile), what clues ( des indices) are available to the police inspector ( l’inspecteur de police), join Alliance Française de Bath students on Friday, October 27th. For more info…
What about having a look at the trailer ( la bande annonce)?