La fête de la musique started on 21st June 1982, it was promoted by Jack Lang who was then Minister of culture ( ministre de la culture) under the president of France ( le président de la France ), François Mitterrand.

Here is a link to a video produced by l’INA ( Institut National de l’audiovisuel) on an event in 1982, in Puteaux , near Paris:

Every year, on 21st June, there are events all over France when amateurs and professional perform in the streets. You can have:
Des chanteurs
( singers)
Des chorales ( choirs)
Des groupes ( bands)
Des fanfares ( brass bands)
Des quatuors ( quartets)
Des duos ( duets)
With all sorts of instruments, such as:
Des violons ( violins)
Des violons alto ( violas)
Des violoncelles ( cellos)
Des contrebasses ( double bass)
Des flûtes ( flutes)
Des clarinettes ( clarinets)
Des trompettes ( trumpets)
Des tambours ( drums)
Des batteries ( drumkits)
and plenty more….

Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath did not celebrate la fête de la musique but the Ecole Française de Bristol did and several French tutors from the Alliance joined in. Ecole Française de Bristol teaches young children from the age of 3 to 12 or 13 and then, students come to French lessons to Alliance Française either in Bristol or in Bath. For more info…