We are going to go to the polling station ( le bureau de vote) tomorrow, 6th May to elect (élire) our new president. We always vote on a Sunday ( dimanche).
Voting is not compulsary in France but usually, at least 70% of people vote.
Les bureaux de vote will open at 8am and close at 6pm or 8pm in the big cities.
To vote, we need une carte d’électeur ( a voting card) with a photo, once at the polling station, we take les bulletins de vote, one per candidate as there is only one name per voting paper, et une enveloppe. We go in the little booth ( l’isoloir) and put the ballot paper with the name of our chosen candidate in the envelope. We take our envelope to the ballot box ( l’urne). Le scrutateur ( the scrutineer) says:
Monsieur ou madame Machin
a voté (Mr or Mrs Thingie has voted).

Last but not least, we sign the register ( le registre).
Once the polling station is closed, the votes are counted on the premises, we call it: dépouiller le scrutin.
At 8pm we have a pretty accurate forecast of the final result.
Don’t forget to go on the Internet then or switch on the radio. It is a very solemn moment for the French.
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