Thierry Viennois, French lecturer for the French circles in the UK is coming to Bath on Saturday, March 17th to talk and show photos on Grenoble.
Grenoble is situated in the Alps ( les Alpes ) and is near le Massif du Vercors, known for fantastic mountain sceneries and le Massif de la Chartreuse, also known for its liqueurs, la Chartreuse verte, for instance.
Grenoble was famous in the 19th century for its gloves ( ses gants ) which were exported all over the world, now it has developed a very important centre for nuclear research ( centre d’études nucléaires ) and a centre for nanotechnologies ( nanotechnologies ).
The Winter Olympics ( les jeux olympiques d’hiver ) took place in Grenoble in 1968 and of course skiing ( les sports d’hiver ) is very popular, it is easy to fly to Grenoble from the UK in Winter.
Le Tour de France
has been through Grenoble several times.
There is a big music festival in April and le festival du court métrage ( short films) in July.
If you prefer just to sit in cafés and look at the world go by, you can go to the second oldest café in France: Le café de La table Ronde.

If you would like to find out more about Grenoble, why not join our French teachers and their students in Bath next Saturday, for more info…