Lionel is coming to Alliance Française de Bristol next Thursday, he will bring four different Alsace wines ( vins d’Alsace ) and he will teach French while talking about wines!
The title of the evening is:
J’apprends le français tout en dégustant!
Ten students have registered for the course which is the maximum for such a session.
Here is some of the vocabulary he may teach:
Ce vin a du bouquet or the opposite Ce vin est imbuvable! ( undrinkable)
Ce vin est mal bouché or est bouchonné ( this wine has a cork taste )
Il est aigre
( it tastes of vinegar)
Il est vert ( it is too young)
C’est de la piquette ( it has a very low degree of alcohol)
Il a du tanin ( it has a slight taste of wood)
Il a de la longueur en bouche ( the taste stays in your mouth for a while)
And plenty more….
If you would like to find out more and taste some wines, why not enrol for the next session on 3rd May, for more info…