L’affaire Farewell is based on a true story of Cold War ( la guerre froide) espionage. The story is not very well-known but it played an important part in bringing down the Soviet regime.
In 1981, a colonel in the KGB whose name was Vladimir Vetrov became disillusioned in the Soviet regime and decided to leak masses of secret information to the West through a French intermediary. The French gave Vetrov the codename Farewell. All the secret papers were given to François Mitterand who was President at the time. Mitterand passed them to Reagan who described them as one of the most important espionage cases of the 20th century.
The French director ( le réalisateur), Christian Carion, insists that the film is not a documentary ( un documentaire) as there are facts he does not know so he tried to imagine how things were.
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