Students following French courses with Alliance Française de Bristol et Bath had a wonderful time sampling the small plates ( les petits plats) adapted and prepared by Barny and Liz Haughton, cooked by the Folk House Café in Bristol.
Anne B comes from the Berry region in central France, George Sand territory, and it seemed obvious to choose recipes from this area for the meal before the concert. Here is the menu below :

Verrines de lentilles vertes du Berry  ( lentil cream puree served in small glass jars)
Tarte aux pommes de terre berrichonne  ( tart of potatoes in puff pastry)
Omelette à la menthe et au chèvre  ( tortilla with fresh mint and goat cheese)
Caillettes de sanglier  (wild boar meatballs )
Brandade (Salt cod puree)
Poulet en barbouille du Berry ( a kind of rich Berry coq au vin)
Assiette de fromages  (cheese plate including local chèvres)
Assiette de charcuterie  (a plate of cold meats)

Here is a picture of: verrines de lentilles.

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