Watch specially selected films in French for free at the moment that suits you best.
Join us for an online discussion afterwards

Would you like to discover the best of Francophone and French cinema and share your thoughts for free?

With our new Film Club format, we invite you to watch the movie we have chosen at the moment that suits you best on our partner’s new free TV5MONDEplus platform (available with French and English subtitles). Here is the link for this film (subtitles in French and English available)
Then join us on Zoom on the Film Club meeting date for an online presentation and discussion on the film led by Charlotte.

Please note, the French Film Club is open to all – you do not have to be enrolled on a class with us – and there is no obligation to attend all sessions. Subtitles in English and French are available for the films. All presentations and discussions are in French, so an intermediate level is recommended.

On the Kennedy Cornice in Marseille, a gang of friends from the working-class neighbourhoods defy the laws of gravity. Girls and boys dive, fly and take every risk, whilst Suzanne, from her chic villa, watches and photographs them, envying them their freedom. Spotted, she finally ends up joining them…