Join us now to discover, revise or perfect your French before we can all start travelling again.

Our groups are friendly, our teachers native, and we organise events outside the classroom for you to practise your French. Contact us below to arrange a free assessment.


Discover, rediscover or perfect your French

Short Summer Courses

  • 4 weeks starting in late May, June, or July
  • 2 sessions of 1½ hours of French tuition per week
  • Day / evening classes with our French tutors
  • 4 / 6 students maximum
  • Cost: £170
  • Enrolment: By appointment at your convenience or at our evening on 5th May 2021 (register here).

Brush up on your French and boost your confidence

To enrol, book a private appointment free of charge. The courses will run online or in person if possible, we will ask for your preference when you enrol.

Test your French online with: