Have you always wanted to speak French?
Wished you had paid more attention in school?
You’re a bit rusty?
Or can you speak quite well and are looking to expand your vocabulary and fluency?

We are here to help, with experienced, dedicated native teachers. We also have a range of workshops and events. Send us an email below. You can also try our online test.


You can meet us at any time in the year by private appointment (free of charge). You can join all through the year.

Before you join a French class, we organise an individual assessment for you, with a tutor, to evaluate your level and your specific needs so that you benefit from tuition which is right for you.

Our courses run Mondays to Thursdays in the evenings and Mondays to Fridays in the daytime , depending on your level and availability. There are similar levels running on different nights. We can be more precise once we have assessed your level: we usually have an informal chat in French and then discuss with you what your strengths and needs are.

Ring us on 0793 2377130 or email us at Contact us to book an appointment to be assessed and to enrol. 


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