Les restos du coeur are the French equivalent of soup kitchens (la soupe populaire), distributing food to people needing it. They have been around since 1985 when comedian (le comique) Coluche started them in big cities at first, and now they can be found everywhere in France.

Coluche’s dream was that they would not be needed for long; yet they are still essential to this very day. He was supported by several artists, including well loved singer songwriter (auteur compositeur) Jean Jacques Goldman, who wrote a song to raise funds (pour récolter des fonds). The song was sung by French celebrities and was instrumental to the collection of funds.

Coluche sadly died in a motorbike accident in 1986, but French artists carry on the tradition of releasing a song and organising a few concerts to collect much needed money. The band calls themselves “Les enfoirés” – the bastards, in memory of one of Coluche’s catchphrase.

A student in Audrey’s class has chosen to talk about the 2011 Enfoirés release, called Un jour de plus au paradis (another day in paradise). You are unlikely to have escaped the original by Phil Collins, here translated in French to underline the tragic situation of hungry, poor people. Here are Paul’s reasons for choosing it:

Ils ont traduit les paroles mais le sens est très approprié. Pour la vidéo, j’aime le mélange de dessin animé et actions en direct, et quelques mots pour nous aider sont obligeamment écrits.

Aussi notez bien les sabres lasers empruntés au plateau de tournage de la Guerre des étoiles (Star Wars). Je suis sûr que la vidéo est sponsorisée par les fabricants de vêtements écossais!

To find out why, watch the video below:

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