Les JO are les Jeux Olympiques. You may know that François Hollande has flown over to Rio to support the French athletes. In 2012, the French delegation won 34 medals ( a récolté 34 médailles), 11 gold ( 11 médailles d’or), 11 silver ( 11 médailles d’argent) and 12 bronze ( 12 médailles de bronze).
This was not as good as in Pekin were 41 medals were won, so the French really want to do better than in London.
So, who to look for among the French athletes? Here are a few:
Tony Parker, basketteur, est le meneur ( point guard), he is a legend, with him, the French team won the European cup in 2014.
Louisa Necib, footballeuse, unfortunately, the French team has never yet managed to reach the podium.
Charline Picon, véliplanchiste ( wind surfer) was world champion in 2014.

Renaud Lavillerie, perchiste ( pole vaulter) won a gold medal in London.
Florent Manaudou, nageur ( swimmer) won a gold in London, in free style ( nage libre).
Teddy Riner, judoka, has been world champion 8 times.

Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, cycliste, ex world champion on the road ( sur route) and mountain biking ( VTT: vélo tout terrain).
Bonne chance à eux et à tous les autres!! ( good luck to them and to all the others!)

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