Audrey’s students in her Thursday evening French class have plenty! It can be  very useful ( utile) around Christmas time ( pendant la période de Noël) when we spend so much more money than during the rest of the year!! So, here are their suggestions:

This one suggests to live in your office ( votre bureau), no more rent ( plus de loyer), no more bills ( plus de notes de chauffage ou d’électricité)  as you have heating ( du chauffage) and hot water ( de l’eau chaude) on the spot, no need for much furniture ( beaucoup de meubles) so you can sell it and make money, it is a very good way to get rich quickly!

The next one tells you about having a water meter ( un compteur à eau) and how to save water and money by using rain water ( l’eau de pluie) for the garden ( pour le jardin) and for the loo ( et les toilettes) , by having showers ( des douches)  rather than baths ( plutôt que des bains)  and sharing your shower ( partager la douche) with your boyfriend ( avec votre copain).

And the last one encourages recycling ( le recyclage): you can use wrapping up paper ( du papier cadeau) again, coloured sweet paper wrappings ( des papiers de bonbons de couleur) as sunglasses ( comme lunettes de soleil) , plastic bags ( des sacs en plastique)  instead of rubber boots ( au lieu de bottes en caoutchouc) and washing up liquid ( du liquide pour la vaisselle) rather than shampoo ( plutôt que du shampoing).

You may have more ideas!! Why not share them in the Comments box or come and join our French lessons, for more info…