La météo de vos vacances: the weather forecast for your holiday.
France has not had a very good Summer up to now so find below the phrases you can hear or read in the medias.
Une météo maussade: a dull weather forecast
Des températures stationnaires: temperatures which don’t change
Les températures ont baissé: temperatures have gone down
Les températures remontent un peu: temperatures are going up a bit
Il fera frais: it will be fresh
Une perturbation de l’Atlantique: a disturbance from the Atlantic
De gros nuages noirs: big black clouds
Averses de pluie ou de grêle: rain or hail showers
Des rafales de vent: gusts of wind
L’anticyclone arrive par  l’ouest et repousse les nuages: high pressures arrive from the West ant push the clouds away
De belles éclaircies apparaissent: sunny spells make their appearance
C’est le soleil qui l’emporte: sunshine prevails

Une belle après-midi ensoleillée: a lovely suny afternoon.
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but I hope that  the vocabulary on this page will help you understand the weather forecast on Météo France, link below: