Christmas ( Noël) is behind us with its Father Christmas ( le père Noël ) or Mother Christmas ( la mère Noël ) and the Christmas tree ( le sapin de Noël ) decorated with:
les boules ( baubles), les guirlandes ( garlands) et les guirlandes lumineuses ( fairy lights)
Presents ( les cadeaux) have been put away ( rangés) or are being used ( utilisés).
We don’t send Christmas cards ( des cartes de Noël ) in France but New Year cards ( des cartes de vœux ) with our best wishes for the New Year ( nos meilleurs vœux pour l’année nouvelle) . We can send them from the beginning of January ( le début janvier) right to the 31st January ( le 31 janvier).

Our French courses are resuming tomorrow, we’ll also have cineclubs, French cheese and cookery workshops, a French drama show and more, you can find all the details on our website. Treat yourself for the New Year:  For more info…