It is common to say that the British are obsessed by the weather, well I am not so sure. Judging by the number of weather reports on the French radio, I think the French beat the British!
I can safely look back on the rotten weather ( le temps pourri) that we had in May now that we are basking in warm sunshine ( un soleil bien chaud).
So what was the weather like in France last May? Quel temps a-t-il fait en France en mai?
Wind (vent), rain ( pluies) and icy temperatures (températures glaciales) can sum it up.
Biarritz in the South West was the wettest ( la ville la plus pluvieuse) with 3 times more than average rain falls.
Lyon, in the East, was the second wettest with 185 mm of rain. Umbrellas were a must! ( les parapluies étaient incontournables!)

If you wanted to wear gloves ( des gants), hats ( un bonnet), scarves ( une écharpe) and felt like going for a brisk walk in the cold ( une balade énergique dans le froid), Aurillac in le Cantal was the place to be.
Nancy in the North East and Troyes in the East were the least sunny ( les moins ensoleillées).
Even Cannes, during the festival, was not very warm.
It is all behind us now and let’s hope that we’ll have a real Summer ( un véritable été).
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