For several years now, there has been une nuit blanche à  Paris ( a sleepless night) on the first weekend in October ( see Alliance Française de Bristol blog last October for some background).
There are some museums that are open all night for instance but there are lots of very unsual events such a man creating a picture on the floor of le Palais de la découverte with thousands of shoes. A lady artist decided to bring colours to the smoke coming out chimneys from a factory burning our everyday rubbish. After listening to her short explanation you can actually watch the result on a video showing Paris by night, last night.
Or you can find out about a giant mobile by les Frères Ripoulain aux anciennes Halles de Paris ( near the Pompidou centre).

Enjoy this trip around Paris or join us for a course and come to Paris with us as some of our French teachers organize trips to various towns in France, Paris included! For more info…