What are your new resolutions for 2012? This is a common question asked in France as in England.
We are now the 15th January, if you made a resolution on the 1st, did you stick to it or have you already given up? It may make you feel better to read that, according do an English study, only 12% of you will keep it up ( tenir sa résolution)!
Here is what a French psychologist, Sophie Achard, recommends:
«pour parvenir à tenir ses bonnes résolutions, le mieux est de n’en prendre qu’une» So, stick to one resolution, this is the message. And, she also says that you must not hesitate to reward yourself at each step:
«Il ne faut pas hésiter à mettre en place un système de récompense et à se féliciter pour chaque micro progrès accompli»
VIPs in le département du Lot ( South West of France) have been very proactive in their New Year resolutions! Here are some examples of what they wish to achieve:
« Parvenir à prendre 10 jours consécutifs de vacances ».
« Ne pas perdre mes clés et mieux ranger mon sac à main »
« Perdre 5 kg ».
« Découvrir les quelques restaurants gastronomiques lotois où je ne suis pas allé ».
and some more demanding ones:
« Continuer à mettre mon énergie et mes idées au service de tous ».
« Œuvrer à ce que quelles que soient nos différences de religion ou de philosophie, nous puissions travailler ensemble au bonheur de tous ».
Has your New Year resolution been to learn French? I hope you haven’t given up already, the blog will help you keep it up!
If you haven’t made a resolution yet, it is not too late: why not join one of our French classes? There are still a couple of places in our French tuition groups, our French cookery workshops are starting early February ( one place left), our next French drama course will take place in March but there is a show on 31st January, come and see what fun it is! For more info on all these French courses…