Did you know that the majority of French people take their holiday in July (les juilletistes ) or in August (les aoûtiens). The busiest weekend of the year is the last weekend of July when there is: le chassé croisé des juilletistes et des aoûtiens, it means that the July holiday makers are going home towards the North whereas the August holiday makers are heading towards the South and the sun.That particular weekend is well known for its traffic jams ( bouchons or embouteillages). Motorists are given advice for alternative routes ( les itinéraires bis), on the radio, on TV, on the Internet or on signs on motorways by Bison Futé ( clever buffalo). Bison Futé is symbolized by a sign with a small native American and was created by Le Centre d’information routière , equivalent of the AA.

Advice: Avoid travelling through France on that weekend but also on the first weekend of July, around the 14th July and the 15th August when traffic is very heavy too.

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