Take part in our poetry competition, this year the theme is:

Ponts, liens entre deux mondes

You can part in either or both ways:
– individually if you take lessons with us, you write a poem on our theme
– with your group if you follow our group lessons, the group writes a poem on our theme together

1st prize for individual entry : Voucher for  £70  Côte restaurant in Cabot Circus
2nd prize for individual entry: Voucher for £45 for French books

1st group prize: Champagne for the group

You can talk about physical bridges, cultural bridges or any other bridges. You can use any form of poetry, your own or know forms such as alexandrins and sonnets for example.

Well done to our winners!
Premier Prix, Steve Ingle, Le Petit Pont
Deuxième Prix, Angela Hogg

Prix groupe: Le pont de l’espoir de la classe d’Isabelle du mercredi soir

Check our blog to read the poems!

Deadline is 8th April, and winners will be announced in the weeks after. You can send your poems with your details to info@afbristol.org.uk.